Our Pack

Everyday we wake up to a nose nudge, a paw scratching at the door and/or the jingle of a tag and we know it's time to get up. Recognizing those moments explains why we love our job and always strive to provide the best care possible. It's our priviledge to care for your pet, get to know them and personalize their care.

Walk Leaders & Cat Sitters

These wonderful people are motivated to help provide support to the Fetching Life Family and I couldn't be more excited.

To uphold my high standard and scale the quality of the company I understand that I cannot do this alone. I always knew this fact, but I wasn't sure how. You and I both know that relationships are everything and honestly this service is a stepping stone for many people in different stages of their lives. Finding people who understand that preserving those relationships that those who have come before them have established is fundamental.

My rules and priorities are really the same: be honest and timely, care about your job, always ask and respect yourself, the pet and the client's home.

Cell Phones- We carry them, the maps are extremely helpful if we are in a new neighborhood and are lost. They are the one of the reasons I can be a part of this business. What does a phone give me? The peace of mind knowing that they are safe. That I can keep in touch with them and vice versa. Confirmation messages let me know that they are running on schedule and how your pet is doing. One of the apps we use is called "Run Keeper", and it helps provide accountability.

Rules of the Cell Phone: If it must be in your hand, stop walking, look around you for other dogs and take care of what is necessary.

  • Chelsea


    Chelsea is a South Florida transplant who moved to northern Virginia in February 2017. She is mom to three rescue pitbulls - Buddha, Pharaoh, and Stella. In her spare time she enjoys reading, visiting historical sites, and exploring her new state.

  • George Grantt


    George was born in Pennsylvania but has lived in the Northern Virginia area for more than thirty years. He graduated from Wakefield High School and took classes at NOVA - Alexandria campus. George has experience in a variety of jobs such as fine dining, bartending, carpentry, plumbing, grocery customer service and food preparation.. He was in records management at two IP law firms. George has been privileged to take care of his family Fur (and Feathered) Babies for more than twenty years. In his spare time George enjoys reading, listening to music and going to concerts.

  • Jess


    Jess was born in Maryland and grew up with miniature schnauzers. She moved to northern Virginia in 2015. She’s an avid reader and PokèmonGo player. In April 2018, she adopted a chihuahua mix from Puerto Rico.

  • Jocelyn


    Jocelyn is a 21 year old student a Northern Virginia community college who plans on transferring to George Mason University. She is currently studying general studies and at Mason she plans to major in criminology. In her free time she likes to spend time dancing with her Bolivian dance group and of course with her furry babies. She has two lab mix's and a small poodle mix. She adores her dogs and that's why she loves working with Fetching Life. Jocelyn enjoys coming in to work and getting to see the cutest dogs and share the same joy with everyone about the furry babies.

  • Jose


    Jose grew up in Northern Virginia and has been a brother to two German Shepherds, one Boxer, and one Shih Tzu. He has been a dog dad to a Jack Russell Terrier and cat dad to one calico cat and cat uncle to that cat’s littermate and two Russian Blues. He’s been a pet dad to other less furry creatures like parakeets, hermit crabs, goldfish, and one iguana. He kinda likes animals. Currently pet-less, he fills his days making sure the fur babies of other luckier people are safe and happy. But he strongly knows that pets do as much for him as he does for them. He’s pictured with his current favorite dog Maverick. But every other pet he meets is his favorite, too.

  • Lila


    Lila grew up in Fairfax County, VA and is currently a student at the University of Richmond studying Business Administration and Management. At school, she loves to dance with her dance company and on her breaks, she enjoys spending time with her dog and cat. Lila has a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and a Bengal cat, who she plays with and cuddles every day. She is also an avid Washington Capitals fan.

  • Rosie


    Rosie grew up in Philadelphia, PA. Partial credit for raising her goes to the family dogs: a border collie, a yellow lab, then a golden retriever. She went to Rochester Institute of Technology for Photographic Illustration. After graduating she worked for an arts education not-for-profit, followed by the public library when she moved from Philadelphia to NoVA. Besides loving the company of dogs and shooting portrait photography, she is an avid reader and foodie.

  • Savannah


    Savannah was born in Massachusetts. She is a graduate student at George Mason University studying public administration. She loves all things arts and theater, and in her free time she likes to write creative stories and go to the gym. She grew up in a household full of cats. Now, she has a sixteen-year old cat named Maddie who she loves with all her heart.

  • Theresa


    Theresa is a student at George Mason University studying finance and Japanese. She enjoys visiting her canine cousins, a mischievous black lab, and a loving husky. In her free time, she enjoys reading fiction and crocheting. Sometime in the future she hopes to adopt her own fur baby.

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The Benefits of Our Care:

A happy & healthy pet
  1. Licensed Bonded & Insured
  2. Daily Text, Note or Email Message Update
  3. GPS Measured Walks
  4. "Paws N Enjoy" Picture Update
  5. Reliable Employees (Not Contractors)
  6. Personalized Care with Pet Information Sheets
  7. Fetching Life's Formula For a Happy Pet
  8. Walkers That Talk, Maybe Even Sing :) to Your Fur Kids
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